Excellence in Person-Centered Care

[   Excellence in Person-Centered Care   ]

Bringing Business Practices to Healthcare

Pulling from best practices in Customer Experiences, PX will change the landscape of healthcare. Mohamed Latib, PhD and CEO/Founder of CX University and PXA explains, “Patients want to be involved in their care; families and friends also want to be involved in the care of their loved ones. Patients, like customers, want to be heard, their concerns addressed promptly, and every moment of truth in their journey toward care be incorporated in healthcare organizations so that these organizations can deliver fantastic experiences at the same time as they provide quality clinical outcomes.”

Excellence in Person-Centered Care

[    Bringing you graduate college credits towards your MHA    ]

PXA now partners with
Moravian University

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Earn your Certification as a Patient Experience Specialist (PXS)™

PX Academy is now offering the Patient Experience Specialist (PXS)™ certification for healthcare and related professionals who want to showcase their mastery of the Patient Experience discipline. To earn the Patient Experience Specialist (PXS)™ certificate, you must complete the Online PX Courses and pass the certification exam.

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The Patient Experience Series: Online Courses

Learn online and at your own pace with our Patient Experience training series: