Mastery of Patient Experience with Professional Certification

PX Academy’s Certification Program for Patient Experience Specialist (PXS)™

Join the community of Patient Experience Specialists who have demonstrated mastery of Patient Experience. The course of study requires attaining knowledge of the foundational PX concepts, applying real-world challenges to learning, and strategic planning of Patient Experience models.

  • Learners complete the PX500 Mastery Series of Online Courses independently

  • Learners complete the PX700 Executive Series of Online Courses independently

  • Learners pass the online Certification Exam.

  • Learners are awarded the (PXS)™ certificates to elevate their professional standing, the standards of excellence in their organization, and bring fullness to the CX and PX disciplines.

The Specialists

Our specialists hold professional certification in Patient Experience or Customer Experience, granted through PX Academy and CX University, respectively. To learn more about the Customer Experience Specialist (CXS)™ certification, please visit CX University.

Edwin de Lange, CXS – South Africa

Ian Dempsey, CXS – Ireland

Luis Ricardo Teiga Ramalho, CXS – Brazil

Julia Patrick, PXS – USA

David Hernandez Irisarri, PXS – Mexico

Ehab Abdelsalam, CXS – Saudi Arabia

Kathy Toma, PXS – USA

Christian Sanchez, CXS – Dominican Republic

Beethoven Ortiz, CXS – Dominican Republic

Pascal Summermatter, CXS – Switzerland

Anna Naoakes Schulze, CXS – Germany

Ryan McDermott, CXS – United States

Mario Moretti, CXS – Italy

Jennifer Coffey, CXS – United States

Alloson Weeks, CXS – United States

Bruno Guimaraes, CXS – Brazil

Kris Kuss, CXS – United States

Nalin Agarwal, CXS – India

Lynn Baker, CXS – South Africa

Alfonso Rodriguez Perez, CXS – Spain

Dr. Mohamed Nada, CXS – Saudia Arabia

Arne Roex, CXS – Netherlands

Christina Vila Gyde, CXS – Spain

Kellee Everts, CXS – United States

Matthew McGruder, CXS – United States

Christian Wright, CXS – United States

Andrew Bowes, CXS – United States

Simon Kennedy, CXS – United Kingdom

Kyle Lawrence, CXS – United States

Daoud H. D. Khater, CXS – Saudi Arabia

Khesha Rex, PXS – United States

Nancy Edgar-Ward, CXS – Canada

Melody McKay, CXS – United States

Thu Hanh Nguyen, CXS – Vietnam

Michele Fedgechin, CXS – United States

Armando Rodriguez, CXS – Colombia

Micheleigh Perez, CXS – United States

Erik Osorio, CXS – United States

Chaman Maharaj, CXS – South Africa

Melanie Gillen, CXS – United States

Shadi Al Swairki, CXS – Saudi Arabia

Vinod Sp, CXS – Singapore

Mohammed Al-Shawwa, CXS – United Arab Emirates

Toni Krasnic, CXS – United States

Konstantinos Meletis, CXS – Italy

Leif Street, CXS – United States

Estie Van Der Watt, CXS – South Africa

Anas Haroun, PXS – Jordan

Roy Ilagan, CXS – Canada

Alison Orue, CXS – Australia

Almohannad Alsbeai, CXS – Saudi Arabia

Hellen Kabwe Chibwe, PXS – Zambia

Ramiro Martins, CXS – Brazil

Leandro Primitz, CXS

Feyi Oyekan, CXS – Nigeria

Elena Andrei, CXS – Greece

Sebastien Bertrand, CXS – Canada

Suzanne Malik, CXS – United States

Mohamed Hafez, CXS – Saudi Arabia

Jennifer Page, CXS – Canada

Desiree Tieskoetter, CXS – United States

Lekan Olayiwola, CXS – Nigeria

Antan Eso Okor, PXS – Nigeria

Jaishanka Parthasarathy, CXS – United States

Naresh Gunupuru, CXS – United States

Dandy Franz, CXS – United States

Saranya Murali, CXS – India

Mitja Mavri, CXS – Slovenia

Carol Coley, CXS – United States

Audrey Stone, CXS – United States

Arthur Fogleman, CXS – United States

Joe Camarillo, CXS – United States

Reka Barath, PXS – Spain

Stephanie McDonald, CXS – Canada

Susan Falcone, CXS – United States

Here what a Customer Experience Specialist has to say:

“Before enrolling in the CX University program, understanding the CX discipline presented an intractable jumble of concepts, principle and lots of white papers from a host of CX consulting/technology vendors. After I completed the CX University lessons and took the exams, I gained a solid grounding and definite, comprehensive view of the CX industry. Now I can say I have a more disciplined approach to CX and certainly proud to be able to use my knowledge to bring CX transformations to businesses in Africa.”

Lekan Olayiwola, CFS West Africa
Patient Satisfaction

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