The landscape of healthcare is rapidly shifting to incorporate the best practices in the customer experience discipline that have been tried, tested, and fine-tuned by many businesses across the globe.

Customers in business purchase products and services because they want to do so. Customers in the healthcare world DO NOT want to be customers. But they are forced by their health needs to seek care. This disposition compounds the challenge for healthcare professionals who have hitherto focused almost entirely on assessing patient satisfaction.

We know from the experience of the business world that such well-known brands as Zappos, Disney, Amazon, Ritz Carlton, Southwest Airlines, and many others have implemented processes, practices, and structures to deliver fabulous experiences. Customers today are more demanding than ever before. They want personalization, immediate resolution of their concerns, and they want to be heard and understood. The same logic applies to the “patient.”

Patients want to be involved in their care; families and friends also want to be involved in the care of their loved ones. Patients, like customers, want to be heard, their concerns addressed promptly, and every moment of truth in their journey toward care be incorporated in healthcare organizations so that these organizations can deliver fantastic experiences at the same time as they provide quality clinical outcomes.

Best yet is that positive patient experiences lead to better financial performance, increased brand reputation, easy acquisition of new patients, and word of mouth advocacy. The evidenced that “experience” is a compelling differentiator has been borne out in the business world.

Come journey with us! We can help you create a “patient-centric” culture.