Advancing the Patient Experience Discipline

PX Academy is partnered with Moravian College to grant learners up to six MHA credits.

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A New Partnership in Education

PX Academy, a subsidiary of CX University, and Moravian College jointly announce the launch of their partnership to award graduate college credits.

  • Earn graduate college credits by completing the PX800 Series of online courses.

  • Receive up to six credits for your MHA (Master’s in Health Administration).

  • Participation in the MHA + CX credit program requires an undergraduate degree and an official copy of the transcript is required within two weeks of the purchase of the PX800 Graduate Credit series.​

  • After completing the program submit your Certificates of Completion and PXS™ to Moravian College for a graduate credit transcript.​

  • Graduate credits from Moravian College may be transferred to other programs. Check with the receiving institution for approval.

  • Double the impact and pass the certification exam to also be awarded the Patient Experience Specialist (PXS)™ certification!

The PX800 Graduate Credit Series

Immerse yourself in the comprehensive and engaging PX Graduate Credit Series covering the four major areas of Patient Experience.

The PX Graduate Credit Series is ideal for healthcare and business professionals who want to be content experts and leaders in their field following Patient Experience philosophies and practices.

  • Graduate Credit courses are completely online and self-paced.
  • Get six months of access to the course content.
  • Learn interactively with easy to understand text narratives, videos, articles, reflective and practical playbooks, Interactive application playbooks for fun and gamified learning.
  • Practice tests embedded in lessons to check your knowledge and understanding.

  • Earn the Patient Experience Specialist (PXS)™ certificate in conjunction with the Graduate Credit series.

What Our Learners Are Saying

The CX course provided by CX University is a great course for learning the necessary notions of Customer Experience and creating pillars in someone’s mind. I encourage everyone interested in the topic in pursuing it, especially corporations for their customer support teams.

Elena Andrei , Greece

Before enrolling in the CX University program, understanding the CX discipline presented an intractable jumble of concepts, principle and lots of white papers from a host of CX consulting/technology vendors. After I completed the CX University lessons and took the exams, I gained a solid grounding and definite, comprehensive view of the CX industry. Now I can say I have a more disciplined approach to CX and certainly proud to be able to use my knowledge to bring CX transformations to businesses in Africa.

Lekan Olayiwola, South Africa

I was glad to take the CX University courses and they were brilliant. The webinars, videos, self-assessments and all the materials I used really resonated with me and added a huge benefit to my knowledge. I do believe that this was a good opportunity to be a part of this amazing institute, and I’m encouraging all colleagues interested in CX to be part of this excellent CX Journey through CX University.

Lekan Olayiwola, South Africa

Our Partnership with Moravian College

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You can earn Graduate Credits in a couple of ways:

  • You can earn three graduate-level college credits from Moravian College upon completion of two PX800 courses.

  • Alternatively, you can earn six graduate-level college credits upon successful completion of all four PX800 courses and passing the PXS™ exam.

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