PX500 Mastery Bundle Series


The PX Mastery Bundle Series covers the 4 areas of Patient Experience. This series is designed for PX leadership who will train others in PX. This bundle prepares the learner for professional certification as a (PXS)™. 6-month access period.

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Package Summary

Immerse yourself in the comprehensive and engaging PX Mastery Bundle series that covers the 4 major areas of Patient Experience (PX). The PX Mastery Bundle series is ideal for healthcare professionals who want to be content experts and leaders in their field following Patient Experience philosophies and practices. Completing the PX Mastery Bundle series, you are eligible to take the Patient Experience Specialist (PXS)™ certification exam.

  • Approximate time to complete the PX Mastery Bundle series: 80 hours

  • Series access: 6-months

  • Eligible for PXS Certification? Yes.

Course Details

What are comprehensive online courses? PX Academy’s Online Courses are packed with in-depth materials to keep you on top of industry trends and best practices through lessons and activities that engage all learning styles. In each course, you’ll learn through:

  • Easy to understand narrative text

  • Reflective playbooks allowing you to think critically about a topic

  • Practical playbooks to apply your learning to your work

  • Interactive application playbooks for fun and gamified learning

  • Videos and articles handpicked to enhance your knowledge and skills

The 4 course modules cover best practices and applied aspects of Patient Experience. Your 6-month access period allows you to view the 4 online courses at the same time. See below for the list of courses included in this package.

  1. Patient Experience Strategy

  2. Patient Centric Culture

  3. Patient Experience Design & Innovation

  4. Patient Experience Measurement & Analysis

Course Access

Each Online Course is entirely self-contained and built for independent study, allowing you to learn and review material at your own pace and schedule. You can select which course(s) to begin with.

Patient Experience Specialist (PXS)™ Certification

Patient Experience Specialist PXS official certificate seal

Earn your Patient Experience Specialist (PXS)™ certification with the PX500 Mastery Bundle series. Upon completion of the online courses, you will need to pass the certification assessment, accessible in your LMS portal. As a Patient Experience Specialist (PXS)™, you will be able to exhibit your mastery of the Patient Experience discipline.


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    The online course was very helpful to me. I could work at my own pace and found the materials appropriate to patient experience.

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    It is an excellent program.

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    Great experience. Useful materials.

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    Useful and understandable articles that related to my PX experience. I feel this course is helping me to develop professionally in my field.

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    PX is a relatively new field. This course has given me needed skills to excel in my field.

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    Very practical information I can use in my career. Interesting materials presented in a way that is easy to understand.

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    It gave good information on PX.

  8. Anonymous Customer

    Very useful course in my current and future positions. The videos and articles were informative and engaging.

  9. Anonymous Customer

    I enjoyed how the information was presented to me in different medias. I feel like I understand the topic more now that I have finished the program.

  10. Anonymous Customer

    Great articles and videos were used to concisely and accurately explain very complex concepts in PX. I feel that this information will help me in my career.

  11. Anonymous Customer

    Very timely course. The videos and articles were informative and helpful to me.

  12. Anonymous Customer

    Very informative course in Patient Culture. The articles and videos were very helpful.

  13. Anonymous Customer

    Materials are relevant to my career. I can use this information immediately in my current position. The customer experience was wonderful. You really model what you teach.

  14. Anonymous Customer

    Interesting materials.

  15. Anonymous Customer

    Very Practical course!

  16. Anonymous Customer

    Well written articles and activities. The presentation of information was easy to understand.

  17. Anonymous Customer

    System is easy to navigate Online support is dependable.

  18. Anonymous Customer

    Very interesting and contemporary materials.

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    Well-designed materials and narratives. Informative videos.

  20. Anonymous Customer

    Great course!

  21. Anonymous Customer

    Great course!

  22. Anonymous Customer

    Great course. Interesting.

  23. Anonymous Customer

    Excellent material. Well organized and distributed. Enjoying it very much!

  24. Anonymous Customer

    Excellent material and well organized. Seamless.

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    I appreciated the fun and informative lessons. Excellent articles will help me now and in the future.

  26. Anonymous Customer

    Very helpful

  27. Anonymous Customer

    Comprehensive tests that helped me learn. Effective activities and articles.

  28. Anonymous Customer

    Very challenging course.

  29. Anonymous Customer

    The materials were well designed, concise, and easy to use.

  30. Anonymous Customer

    Good mix of readings and videos that tie in some great insights on PX strategy.

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    Excellent course.

  32. Anonymous Customer

    Excellent course. The concepts presented are ones that I can use today in my career.

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